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Prepaid Legal Plans differ throughout the country depending on the company that is handling the legal plan. The one thing you can be sure of is that the attorney handling your issue is a real lawyer. Regardless of the legal plan fees you won't speak to a paralegal or just someone with a law degree. You will have your issue handled by an attorney. There are some points to consider however like:

Legal Plans Balance the Scales
  • Is the plan an open or closed attorney system
  • How long have the attorneys been practicing
  • How are lawyers paid through the legal plan
  • Who exactly is covered and when
  • Is there a long term contract
  • Does the plan cover the US or just your state

These are all important questions to consider when deciding on a prepaid legal plan. For instance, in an open system there may be claim forms you have to fill out.

Overall, it just makes sense to have a prepaid legal plan since every state has different laws and most attorneys are barred in 1 or 2 states. In addition, you want to have a lawyer who specializes in your type of legal situation.


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