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That's what we see now on the highways and billboards, but what are these advertisers really selling to people who are looking to get a divorce?

These advertisements are really selling legal forms that if filled out properly would allow some individuals to get a divorce without the use of a lawyer.

This process can be very useful for people who don't have any assets or children. The couple may not have anything to contest to, however, it's just smart to consult your lawyer first before doing anything.

Many prepaid legal plans allow people to access the forms they need for a divorce or the legal plan may have the lawyer handle the entire divorce procedure.

Prepaid legal plans allow more flexibility and better decision making especially in these important matters. One gentleman who was handling his divorce on his own almost gave away custody of his daughter because he didn't allow his lawyer to look over the documents before signing them.

It just makes sense to have a prepaid legal plan especially when dealing with a divorce.

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