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Sue S.A. That is the unfortunate nickname of the United States and the number of law suits filed in this country is more than two per second. At that rate it may only be a matter of time before you're named in a law suit.

If you were named in a law suit would you get a lawyer? Most people would think about it but not many could afford it, but with a prepaid legal plan you probably wouldn't have to worry.

Many prepaid legal plans cover law suits as well so whether you're a nurse or a security guard having a prepaid legal plan could save you a serious headache with a job related or personal law suit.

It's also important to note that most business owners, for instance, have insurance in case of an accident, but the money from your insurance company may be slow in paying out and most will not pay for your lawyer fees.

In the end it's just a smart thing to have a prepaid legal plan.

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