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Identity Theft Lawyers

Below, you'll find extensive legal services information on leading identity theft articles and services to help you on your way to success.


Identity theft is now the number one crime in America according to the Dept. of Justice, which means that it now surpasses drugs as a crime.

Can a prepaid legal plan protect you from identity theft? Well that's actually a trick question because nothing can provide full identity theft protection. That's right nothing.

Answer these questions and you'll understand why.

  • How many applications have you filled out in your entire life with your name, social and DOB and where are those applications?

  • Citibank lost over 4 million user's information; Bank of America lost over 9 million; the US VA lost over 24 million. So if the banks and the government who are supposed to be protecting your information can't even hold on to it, then what are your chances?

Having a prepaid legal plan when your identity is stolen could save you a big headache when it comes to proving your innocence especially when the laws regarding identity theft are changing rapidly due to the variety of ways you can be victimized.

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