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Personal Injury
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Hiring A Birth Injury Lawyer
By Morgan Hamilton
If you should befall something is tragic as a birth injury in your family then it is imperative that you know a competent birth injury lawyer. No one could ever imagine the trauma and heartache a Read more...

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Personal Injury Lawyers

Below, you'll find extensive legal services information on leading personal injury articles and services to help you on your way to success.


Someone was awarded millions of dollars because they burned their lip drinking hot coffee while another was awarded for damages he received from falling through a home's skylight regardless of the fact that at the time he was robbing that residence.

Personal injury cases are big money. Law firms love a law suit and may have a special division catering to personal injury law suits since they will usually charge 33% to 50% or more of the awarded amount.

A $100,000 settlement means as much as $50,000 coming to a lawyer which simply pays way more than the average retainer a lawyer may charge.

Prepaid legal plans can help in this area by either allowing you to walk away with more of your winnings, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket instead the lawyer's.

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