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Demand for Legal Nurse Consultants at All-Time High
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Legal forms are big business now. There are hundreds of websites that provide legal forms for divorce, bill collectors, name changes, incorporation, and everything else. There are even a few businesses that provide the forms and help you fill them out, so do you need a lawyer for legal forms?

A lawyer could charge $800 to get your business up and running but if you do it yourself you could save about $500. The question is how did the person decide which type of business to start (LLC, LP, S Corp, etc.) and will they have any legal guidance in regards to taxes, insurance, and security?

If you've started a business before and are familiar with all the legal concerns surrounding that particular type of business in the same jurisdiction then you may not need to consult a lawyer, but if any of those variables change it could also change what's necessary to start a successful business.

A prepaid legal plan can give you the ability to not only get the legal forms you need but to have your lawyer help you fill them out. Perhaps for your situation it would be better to use form 802b instead of form 803a but you would never know until you either spoke to your lawyer or your request was denied.

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